Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Múdame, por favor.

"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth" Chief Seattle

In this modern era, we move so casually. We have acquired an ease of mobility that affords us an array of choices and so we exchange landscapes like coins for coffee. While we might weigh the resulting advantages and disruptions -- such as finding a job, navigating new roads, making new friends -- the changes we open ourselves to are much deeper. The land itself claims your every crevice.

I've been pierced by mountains, burned by rivers and carressed by trees. I've danced with the lightning and have been tattooed by twenty types of rain. I wear the scars of the earth that owns me.

The more places I live, the more places I miss -- and the harder it is to feel at home.


Indigobusiness said...

Doesn't it seem our land is dimming by the dearth of shining lights like Chief Seattle?

By contrast, the belicose mongrels holding forth today are a mockery of our wise progenitors.

Doesn't it just get you where you live?

La Sirena said...

Like Star Wars System GPS!

We've lost ourselves in some ludricous need to acquire and to create a hollow sense of security..

It's fast killing us.

I'll take the dirt and danger, thanks.