Monday, July 24, 2006

WW III? WTF???!!!???

"The 666 cut W.I.C. like Newt Gingrich SUCKS D*** " Fugees "The Beast"

And to the left (literally, not idealogically) we have Newt -- notice how he surreptitiously plays pocket pool while contemplating "the early stages of WW III."

Okay -- so far this entry has been vulgar AND immature, but come on!!! Evidently, while I was having a fun, peaceful weekend with Nora, Aunt Dawn and Welches et. al., Newt Gingrich managed to get his Neocon pimp rap on the political talk circuit with soundbytes such as this stinky gift:

"I, I believe if you take all the countries I just listed, that you’ve been covering, put them on a map, look at all the different connectivity, you’d have to say to yourself this is, in fact, World War III." Gingrich on Meet the Press, 7/16/05

The countries he's discussing are North Korea, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, etc. But why do I just get the sensation that the Neocons are out to start a holy world war in order to make money for their pocket pals in crime...and perhaps to revoke our civil rights? (Example... the Patriot Act, which primarily seems to be exercised on a district/ local level in order to circumnavigate the 5th Amendment and inflict double jeopardy on U. S. Citizens.)

Do not swallow it. Do not let this administration and it's lackies talk us into a World Freakin' War in order to up their ratings and win elections. Rick Santorum is one person who has quickly come out in support of Gingrich -- because he's up for reelection and as one of Satan's minions believes war to be both sexy and profitable. On Thursday at the National Press Club in D.C., Santorum said:

“the biggest issue facing our children’s future is a war. Not, as so many describe it, the War on Terror. Not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. But the world war, which at its heart is just like the previous three global struggles.”

Did he ever take a history class? Does he understand that SO FAR (thank goddess) there have only been 2 World Wars? Or is he maybe thinking of the Crusades? Because these Neocons seem really hot this summer to release a new blockbuster sellout --

World War III Meets

Crusades Two: My God Can STILL Beat Up Your God.

(I'm sorry, but I'm completely incapable of being rational about this topic at the moment. I realize the arguement I've presented is neither concrete nor logical, nor well-organized. But I'm pissed, I'm emoting...and there it is. I'll try again some other time.)