Friday, August 03, 2007


In case you may have been under the mistaken impression that I am normal; I am in love with Al Swearengen.

Anyone who can pontificate so articulately the muddy stream-of-consciousness that is human baggage moving on the conveyor belt of survival whilst receiving oral pleasure, is a precious purveyor of American Isolationism.

Ahhh... the sweet soliloquy of human depravity! Oh, my connoisseur of connivance! Oh, flesh peddler! Oh, murderous blade to the whiskey throat!

Ah, me...

Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fucking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man—and give some back.

(A young Ian McShane for your viewing pleasure.)


Anonymous said...

No really. I love him too. He has this offensive appeal - like I can fight with him the have wild sex with him culminating in at least 3 orgasms!
Michelle from unblunder

Pelmo said...

You don't see men having perverted taughts like that.

changapeluda said...

i was thinking maybe not so much the older as the younger (ding dong! ala bridget jones)
then: hmmm the older one looks better at it.

La Sirena said...

Changapeluda, Precisely! Now rent some of the Deadwood DVDs and it will all fall into place.

Pelmo, Of course, never. We're responsible for the apple and everything.

Michelle, Yes, but he also speaks so freaking well. I love the mind!