Sunday, April 11, 2010


I think I've fallen into a cavern. It's very pretty; lots of stalagtites and stalgmites but it's twisty and complicated so it's taking all of my energy and concentration to navigate the terrain. Here are some bits & pieces.

I spent the better part of a week in New York so my son could visit colleges. This was our first visit to NYC. It was very cool and it wasn't the least bit intimidating coming from Chicago -- just a little more cramped but very energetic, so it all balances out. Looks like the kid is going to Brooklyn College to study film production, so I'll be visiting there quite a bit. But I'm not moving there because 5 straight days of me and the kid and nobody else has convinced both of us that him moving far away for awhile really is a very, very good idea. (Is "awhile" a real word?)

Meanwhile, I'm still in graduate school which is intensifying. By the time he leaves town, I'll be able to work about 15 hours a day on all of the research projects around here (including my thesis) plus I just ordered a bunch of Tony Horton DVDs, so I'm intending to counteract empty nest syndrome by co-publishing scientific journal articles and recreating the ass I had before I was a mom. (The ass part probably won't happen exactly like that but it is important to have goals in this world.)

While we were in New York, we went to a taping of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon". His show isn't very funny yet but he seems gracious and his house band is the Roots (I think I've previously mentioned my intense respect and attraction to Questlove) so really, the music was the best part of the show. There was a musical guest the night we attended called Liquid Liquid.
Liquid Liquid was a New York No Wave art band form the late 70s that "never quite caught on completely". (That's what lifelong friend of percussionist Dennis Young told me. I was sitting next to him and Dennis's wife and I'm nosy so I started asking questions after eavesdropping.) Of note, Liquid Liquid created the famous bass line sampled by Grandmaster and the Sugar Hill Houseband in that old 80s hip hop standard "White Lines".
That bass line comes from the song "Cavern", which Liquid Liquid played (splendidly) with the Roots on the episode the kid and I attended and that was one of the more spectacular 30 minutes of live music I have ever witnessed. And I have witnessed many hours of live music. So here is a link to the version of the song that aired on the show that night. This is very good but it isn't quite the same as being in a 100 person TV studio with all of that sound wrapping you up in its fingers and stroking you home. But go watch it.

(Not aired was a first taping of "Cavern" and another recording of their song "Optimo".)
(Also, I think there should be a learning curve allowance for late night talk shows. It's a whole different thing than stand up, writing and performing in sketch comedy, etc. And let it be said now that Mr. Fallon has excellent taste in music.)

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Anonymous said...

that band was pretty good...woulda been cool to be there. i wonder if jimmy kimbsll chooses the music?

La Sirena said...

Too many Jimmys in late night -- this was Jimmy Fallon and from the way he talked about them and given the music stuff he has going on, I'm pretty sure he picks his own music.

Anonymous said...

ah, that's who I meant, fallon....the guy from snl.

Anonymous said...

wait a second...the Freudian significance of this blog entry astounds me......caverns, stalagmites....the repeated mentions of the washington monument....the way you use the word "throbbing" over and over and over....messed up, man.

La Sirena said...

You're a perv, Killian. So was Freud.

changapeluda said...

stroke me home, indeeeeed


i'm livin' in San Luis Obispo by the skin of my woman sheltered teeth....
an apartment by the creek
Jaed, Zo & i - we Love it.

La Sirena said...

I always liked the name "San Luis Obispo" -- so very glad to hear you got a place. Really. You've been in my thoughts and wishes. Are you still learning sign language?

I knew you would catch my naughty insert, there, Changa.

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