Friday, August 21, 2009


The thing about migraines is that they aren't "headaches", although for want of a better description that's how they get explained.

A migraine is more like cliff diving. You know that point when you rocket below the surface of the water and the pressure pushes in on your ears and eyes and you curl your fingers up and hope you resurface before you run out of air?

It's also like when you were a kid and you swam in a chlorinated pool for hours and hours until your fingers pruned up and your eyes burned and all of the streetlights had blue and gold halos when you looked at them.

It's like playing piano but all of the noise in the world are the hammers and your nerves are the strings.

It's nails on a chalkboard or standing next to the knife sharpener. It's your teeth on edge and feeling like your overly sensitized and floating away at the same time.

It's also a whole lot more.


DAVE BONES said...

Have you tired giving up all caffiene? tea included. Vippasna meditation is suposed to do the trick too but it is more extreme.

La Sirena said...

I've been cutting back on caffeine and cigarettes which I think is part of the problem -- I probably just need to stop both completely and grit my teeth through the detox.

You are not the first person to mention meditation to me, lately. Might need to check into it. Thanks for the tips!

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah a good friend of mine got rid of migraines knocking coffee on the head. they haven't gone completely but happen very rarely now. The head honcho of Vipanssa tels a story that he cured himself of migraines first time he did it and now he has grown the thing into a big international operation. it has its faults but it is free. Good luck.

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