Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This List Is Incohesive

1. Facebook makes me feel old and stupid.

2. House parties are back. Please have one because I don't really feel like cleaning up.

3. There are very good, concrete reasons why some guys have had to resort to online dating sites. Celibacy is preferable to these men and their reasons.

5. What's so funny bout education, healthcare and sustainable fuel sources?

6. But must we invade Pakistan?

7. Why can't I make fart jokes at work when the employee newsletter refers to colorectal disease as "silent but deadly"? Seriously, this happened.

8. There is something very solid about guys named Clarence.

9. Why can't I tell dirty jokes at work when narcissitic residents give presentations on "erotic transference". Seriously, this happened.

10. Why do I insist on watching the Oscars every year?

11. Why do I sleep through all of my alarms when I'm eating right and exercising? This practically never happened when I was drinking regularly.

12. Can I be a farmer's wife? Or maybe a fireman's? I'm sick and tired of all of this independent rat race bullshit. But maybe that's because I sipped a lot of wine tonight after eating right and exercising. I'm really trying to wake up on time tomorrow.


Laurie said...

GREAT list!!

La Sirena said...

Hey, Laurie! Thanks... it's nice to hear from you. Which reminds me, I need to update my sidebar links.

Pelmo said...

As far as #5. The reason it is funny, is that once the governament gets involved, it becomes one big joke, and nothing of consecuence gets done.

PTCruiser said...

I like #7.

La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- #5 is a vague reference to a song by Elvis Costello called What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

Business is not providing healthcare for enough people in the work force and insurance companies take advantage of everybody so this HAS to be addressed.

The private sector/ for-profit companies have demonstrated how badly they behave when not held to regulatory accountability so I think that old saw about "once the government gets involved nothing gets done" is a little outmoded -- better that nothing gets done than straight-up piracy.

PT Cruiser -- Fart jokes make me happy.

changapeluda said...

it's your son, Rip
on line Toot

heh heh

yeah, what IS this Facebook business all about??

my friend Maria wants me to join and i kinda think it would be like taking a step backward -

into high schoolish cyberspace

isn't our war dance card
ALLready FULL???