Monday, January 26, 2009

Sirena's Sense of Snow

It sucks!

This is what every corner of the city used to look like. Only now the mushy slush has set, frozen, been packed by weeks of wind and sub-zero temps and is doing it's best impression of paleolithic-era stones.

It is January and this is how January is .... but I am so over January right now.

It's cold, depressing and the winter seems endless and insurmountable. I know that spring will come again -- but at the moment I don't actually believe it.


I've pulled Isa out of the velevet rune bag and Isa is my present. It's hard to see beyond the ice.


Anonymous said...

At times like slush I like to think of being warm. And then I am warm somewhere and the slush becomes magnificent.

Pelmo said...

You are right this winter really sucks. More then any I can remember for a long time.

changapeluda said...

well come on over to my house

(my house a-come on!)

California is almost always sunny
and warm.

today it is anyway

La Sirena said...

Eveningson -- Yes, and when I am hot I like to think of being cold and then I can imagine the freezing air is something sacred.
But I am growing very weary of all of this damned sacristy.
Thanks for stopping by.

Pelmo -- I KNOW! I wish I were going to some really warm place like LA.

Changa -- Careful, I might just drop in on you. Thanks!

changapeluda said...

Do it! do it....i'd love it


DAVE BONES said...

its been like this in London too!

La Sirena said...

Ah, sorry...