Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain moons the U.S.

Evidently, we voters are all just Joe 6pack the Plumber Butt. Hey, and those folks at Palin's rallies who are calling Obama a terrorist and shouting "kill him" are good patriots, according to Senator McCain. But what really matters is McCain's widdle feewings got hurt when an "American hero" compared him to George Wallace. Does anyone still remember that old saw about sticks and stones?
You know what, I can't even be rational anymore. I'm not giving you links to all of the facts behind this one. Suffice it to say, if you ever forwarded an email about Obama which questioned his last name and rumored "terrorist ties", shame on you! If you ever forwarded an email or repeated the lie that he is a Muslim -- shame on you! (Not that it should matter, but it does to many.)
The fact is, if anyone harms a hair on this man's head because of his skin tone or his name we are all culpable. Every gleeful forwarder of bullshit, fear-mongering emails has an itchy trigger finger. Our national racism has moved long past the "different cultures" phase and is hysterically careening into provoking violence and assasination. Shame on you negligent fact-checkers. Shame on you Rovian toadies. Shame on you emailers of lies. Shame on all of the archetypical Joes. Shame on Sarah Palin. Shame on John McCain. Shame on your goony supporters.
Shame on all of U.S.!!!


Pelmo said...

Why are you bashing one side, when both sides are just as guilty?

Comparing someone to Wallace has no place in this campaign. Nor someone running around calling Pennsylvanian's racists. It seems this is ok if one side is doing it, but heaven forbid the other side does it.

La Sirena said...

I am so sick of this both sides are to blame business. Nobody is threatening John McCain's life. One man hurt his feelings.

Right now Obama has to have a batallion of Secret Service agents to protect him and the Chicago Police Department has now added an entire team of officers to protect him. And a couple of those cops told a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago sure, someone is going to shoot him before it's all over.

I am scared. I am ashamed. And I will not stand for that.

The fact of the matter is there is a certain contigent of people who do not want Obama to be President simply because he has dark skin. This contigent has been couching their prejudices against Obama's increased melatonin levels and funny name in emails where they have questioned his patriotism, his ties to Islamic fundamentailists, his religious beliefs, and his mother.

I know that you have never done this, Pelmo, but certain members of our extended family have been doing this for a year and they get whiny when you prove to them that they are wrong. Why? Why is it ok for someone else to forward lies but it if I question those lies, then I am bashing. I don't think that someone is racist for not voting for Obama. I do think that someone is racist when they insist on spreading lies about Obama -- despite being confronted with evidence to the contrary.

I do think that forwarding those emails which call Obama a terrorist, makes it easier for the nut job who thinks Jesus and George Bush want him to dress up in a ski mask and try to hurt Obama because those kinds of words dehumanize the Senator. They make him a thing or an "other" instead of just dis agreeing with him. It's character assasination.

I also think it is racist when Sarah Palin panders to the lowest type of fear and stirs up her crowd and says nothing when the people in that crowd yell "terrorist" about a U.S. Senator. She doesn't stop them when they shout "kill him"! She just keeps egging them on in their hysterical, dangerously misinformed hatred because she will sacrifice anything to win -- even her children. Even herself. Even Senator Obama's life.

And McCain says nothing about this behavior, does nothing about this behavior (except to correct one woman when she called Obama an arab) he doesn't reign Palin in, he wouldn't even denounce the people who said "kill him" about Obama during the debate. In fact, McCain called the people at his rallies -- the ones who shout "kill him" about Obama -- McCain called them patriots. Now if that isn't a green light to the violent nut jobs, I don't know what.

George Wallace was willing to order others to do violence to put a stop to black protests.

John McCain has not ordered violence but he has not condemned it either.

If the shoe fits, McCain can wear it...