Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I did not drink the kool-aid...

I am very, very tired of being told that I have been brain-washed, or that I drank the kool-aid, or that I think Obama is a savior or that I can't decide for myself sinceI support Senator Obama for President because I think he is the best man for the job today.

First of all, the opposite of the kool-aid rumor is true. Every person who mindlessly forwards these anti-Obama, panicky, who is Barack Obama really??? emails is not thinking for themselves. All you have to do is the littlest bit of research and you can find out everything you want to know about the man.

But some people are too lazy to do research. Some people would rather forward sensational and ridiculous emails than read the facts and make a mature decision based on those facts and not on their personal fears.
Some people would rather stand silently by while election after election after election is stolen from the voters. They would rather be manipulated with and by fear than look the beast in the eye once and for all.
Some people have been drinking an awful lot of the Rove kool-aid for many, many years. And boy oh boy, that Sarah Palin just keeps ladling it out to you in non-biodegradable styrofoam cups and you just swallow, swallow, swallow as you press the forward button on your email again and and again. Forwarding sugary nonsense and plotless ghost stories like:
Is Barack Obama really a man? I've never seen his penis. Hmm... if he's really a man with nothing to hide, why doesn't he drop trow in front of the whole country on Fox news???
Did you know Barack Obama is married to a black woman??? And she has a funny name the starts with "Mi" and ends in "chelle"? Like that Beatles song??? Was she Paul's lover??? I want to see her marriage license to Barack Obama right now!!! I don't believe that they are really married because Paul McCartney wrote a song about her when she was just a little girl, so clearly she must have been married to Paul McCartney first.
And did you know that Michelle Obama graduated from college??? Two times???? Her thesis is on the google and I have a friend of a friend of an imaginary friend who saw it on the google and it said "white people are sometimes racist" and is that the kind of first lady we want representing our country at fashion shows around the world???? A wife and mother who went to college??? Can you imagine??? What for??? Where is her diploma??? What kind of uppity elite does she think she is with her college and her children and her husband and her house??? Obviously, she hates America or she would have nothing at all and like it!!! Unpatriotic elite college-educated mother!!! Let's see her birth certificate!!! I'll just be she's a robot!!!
I just don't trust that Barack Obama. I don't know what it is... I just don't trust him. I just don't trust him, I don't know what it is... Who does he think he is with his funny name??? How dare he go to college??? His mother got divorced twice!!! If he were for real and not an elite he would have wallowed in misery. How dare the child of a single mother take advantage of the educational opportunities in this country and run for President??? Who does he think he is??? He sure is uppity!!! He just doesn't know his place! Only the rich and inbred are allowed to run for president in my America! You can't trust anybody who doesn't understand that simple fact. Clearly he's a terrorist!!!

Somehow, those violent skinheads just didn't trust the good American people and their lying, stupid emails to keep Obama out of the Oval Office, so they stockpiled their firearms and decided to take out the next generation of possibly uppity dark-skinned elites for good measure.
And somewhere in Dubai, Karl Rove types another email while veiled belly dancers serve him tea...


JoeC said...

For the longest, my Republican parents said there was no way Obama could win. Now that it's looking like a possibility, they have started saying, "I'll be glad when he wins so we can sit back for the next 4 years and blame everything on him like people have been blaming everything on Bush." So, I think sometimes, there's just no "winning," which in my case I guess would be me selfishly thinking they would agree with me. Still, I hope he wins, because I think me AND my parents will be better off if he does.

La Sirena said...
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La Sirena said...

Yes indeed, Joe. I think we'll all be better off under Obama than Bush or McCain. I also think that even if the Republicans do not steal this election (and recent history tells me that they will) then Obama will end up blamed for the hundreds of crimes and evil deeds done by BushCo which we have yet to uncover.

Change hurts.

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