Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bosoms O'Cleavage

Inspired by Twit accusing me of being a man and Nigel posting a photo of himself, here is a reasonably recent picture of me.

I am making a weird face because my mother -- whom I affectionately refer to as the mamarazzi, because of her penchant for jumping out of bushes in order to take unflattering pictures of people who can't find their shoes and are obviously very busy finishing up the party preparations about 15 minutes after the guests were supposed to have arrived -- has distracted me from important rushing around business to capture my awkwardness for posterity.

I kid, Ma. (kinda)


Pavel Chekov said...

Yep. Definitely not a man.

changapeluda said...

Ooooh La La!

Sirena Chichona!

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Mamarazzi!! I love it!

†w¦† said...
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†w¦† said...

Zoro wants me to tell you that he's got a hard on...or something.
Chekov sniffs glue.

†w¦† said...

Here is a pic of me & my boyfriend.

Zoro said...

'My what high heels you have' or is that "shoeless in Gaza"?


La Sirena said...

Z -- One of my all time favorite band names is Gaza Strippers. That has nothing to do with to shoe or not to shoe, but you seem ok with non-sequiters.

Twit, you look good in heels and that does explain why you are sometimes so crabby -- blisters, I mean.

Nigel, She is such a Mamarazzi.

Changa, Por supuesto! Las sirenas son famosas por las voces y las chi-chis ... pero que las chochas son misterias, (o quizas creen los hombres) ?no?

PC -- yup. Also, I don't think you really are sniffing glue.

†w¦† said...

Crabby 2.0

You wouldn't be missing my cryptic-glue-reference on porpoise there, would you, Mrs Fish Knockers?

& as I expected, you avoided the point of my last you presented pictures of yourself BEFORE I expressed my doubt about you, so why would it alter now? -just because you post another?

Interesting, what we choose to believe...

If you haven't yet worked out who the sockpuppet-master is that fuelled my doubt, then you're even more lame than I thought.

(& no, I'm not talking about Bostick's horseshit)

You people. Jesus ¦:¬©

La Sirena said...


You should bring booze with you sometimes when you're being provacative. I think my ability to read between the lines improves with spirits.

I didn't really understand
your sniffing glue comment.

I have some good guesses re: the hand in the sock but that's all they are -- guesses.

I guess I'm a lame. (And so are you for calling me "lame". Lame as a slang term is now a noun requiring the indefinite article and anyone who uses the word as an adjective is by virtue of that usage incarnating the very epithet they throw. See, I have a lovely adolescent son who keeps me up on those things.)

You could have a real talent for this mystery stuff. :~)

La Sirena said...

OH and Twit! I keep forgetting to thank you for the Dead Elephants link. As you probably noticed, I put one up here.

Butchie said...

Your boobs are about to flop out. Awesome.

Bostick said...

A gardener?! RARRRRRR!

†w¦† said...

Sometimes I just like to turn my filter off (well, nearly) before I hit the keys. I play some ridiculously convoluted games with myself ~~via other people.

I have never thought of you as lame (I would never say that to someone if I actually felt that way -that would be cruel).
I threw it in just to be provocative. I was bored with adash of frustration. Gnomey.

Sorry, Boz.
I Loves ya really.

La Sirena said...

Butchie -- Boobs are awesome.

Bos -- Yeah, he gets to play outside all day and ruminate.

Twit -- I think I may be a little more in love with you because you own 500 track suits and 200 costumes and you have your own patented model pose just like Zoolander.

†w¦† said...

Please tell me you don't actually believe that those pictures are of
He looks like he'd fall over if you sneezed in his direction.

I thought his cross-dressing stuff might make you think it was me (from the kind of things I say).
BUT the other stuff!!? God NO! I utterly despise tracksuits, sportswear shit, ANY labelled stuff for that matter.

Once a punk, always a punk.

Oh & that's Head Gardener to you.
But 'Sir' will do fine ¦:¬þ

†w¦† said...

I'd actually decided to drop the whole s©ckpuppet issue a while ago. (But then you kind of raised it again by referring to me in this post, so...)
He knows that I know what he was doing (on at least one count) & that's enough for see, unlike the situation with you, where I only really threw your gender into question, he created a blog-character that I KNEW was bogus --it was subtle 'cultural things' I noticed that gave his game away & although I've never had any absolute proof, I DID/DO KNOW: categorically.
I would put serious money on it.
But in spite of the fact that I consider him to be a bullshitting, posturing bell-end - par excellence; he also happens to be someone that I really do value (it's often the way).
& although I could drop a lot of hints/clues as to who I'm talking about, I will refrain from doing so. I have no desire to get really would only end in futile shit.
Part of what 'drew you into the picture' was that you share some of his traits & behaviours (that's not a compliment)...but then again, so do lots of other people, I suppose. Faces in clouds & all...
BUT I have not ruled you out completely. It is still possible that you are a very elaborate hoax. As I said earlier; simply posting another picture of the same female doesn't prove anything. The very fact that you still haven't seized the chance to prove that my doubt is ill-founded could be seen as suspicious in itself...but...&...I'm just waffling now...

BTW: If anyone interrupts my ruminations they'd better have a damn good reason.