Monday, July 14, 2008

In Which Pelosi (Finally)(Pretends To) Grow(s) Some Ovaries

From the folks at

“Capitol Hill is buzzing today with major developments regarding our campaign for impeachment hearings for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Just today, in what could be described as a perfect impeachment storm:"

After stating unequivocally that impeachment "is off the table," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated to CBS News today that the House Judiciary Committee should address the issues that Rep. Kucinich's has raised in his impeachment resolution.. .. This issue now reaches far beyond the substance of the Judiciary Committee's original inquiry regarding the firing of US Attorneys for political purposes. The crisis at hand relates to our most fundamental laws and of our Constitution. It is, in many ways, more serious than the Constitutional crisis surrounding Watergate."
(psstttt... Put the pressure on your Representative now. You can call them, email them on your own, or send this prefab letter by clicking here.)


Pelmo said...

Psssst, no don't email them or call them since you will be wasting your own time and getting more frustrated.

Just like the 06 election. The Democrats gave a glorius song and dance with a million and one promises. And what have they done since.

The same thing now, speeches galore, catchy slogans and promises of change. Again you will get a bag full of promises and nothing else.

Only when the Democrat and Republican parties realize that the voter is willing to press the other parties button, only then will they start to keep their promises.

Chicago and Cook County are living proof of what happens when the same button is pushed year after year.

La Sirena said...

No, no, no Pelmo!!!

Maybe they won't ever do anything about it but since my Representative and every member of his support staff earns their salary off tax payer dollars, the least those people can do is answer my phone calls and read my emails and consider what I have to say as a voter in their constituency.

My representative signed on to the Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney after about 5 emails and 12 phone calls on my end. Cheney might not have been impeached but I budged someone any way.

The thing is they depend on all of us to just throw up our hands and give up. Don't give up!!!

I am NOT going to give up. I want W and his whole band of thieves impeached and put on trial at the Hague.

I will not roll over and shut up like a good girl. I will scream and bang my drum until my fingers bleed and my throat is sore and my hair hurts.

I do agree with you about the 2 party system. So maybe the thing to do would be to support a viable independent candidate -- and not just some spoil-sport who already lost a primary.

Maybe backing someone who is willing to run as an independent in 4 years. Start collecting your change and gathering phone numbers...

Whaddya think???

reason4 said...

the race race. by the end of this year the world will know what american people care about most.

Pelmo said...

I will give you an A+ for your tenacity. Wish there were a few more like you who are aware of what is going on.

But as far as a strong independant candidate, I'm afraid the ones that would qualify don't want to jump into the cesspool we call our nations capital. They know they would have to swim with the sharks or else thy would drown.

So rather then giving up their morals they stay out of the fray.

La Sirena said...

Reason4 -- I don't think this election has to be about race. I think we as voters can choose to rise above race and insist that the media follow suit.

Well, I hope so, anyway...

Pelmo -- Nice use of the word tenacity! Have you been working out with the dictionary?

I agree -- in order to get up to the presidential tier, you pretty much have to sell out...

Twit said...

"Well, I hope so, anyway..."

Well I hope that I wake up in between 18yr old blond twins, but that's about as likely as race not being an issue in this election (or any election for that matter)..

You go from being ferociously cynical to complete head-in-the-clouds, idealistic, liberalistic fluffy-land..

& I'd be angry if I didn't find it so damn cute.

Ya bitch!


{{{Reason4 was me. i dropped-by because i found it slightly odd that you didn't respond to my last comment in our last dialogue -& thought you may have scrawled something about me here -as you did once before.....& no, I don't know why i used a different name...& anyway, this issue is too important to let petty personal bickering get in the way}}}


Pelmo said...

I may not keep up with you and Ms Meander with grammar and punctuation, but I do have a few words that are more then one syllable up my sleeve.

Of course, sharing ones abode with a Doctor, is quite beneficial also.

Zoro said...

Feels like some hangin' out round here - what I want to say is that I knew your health had probably been a difficult problem for you and I was a bit in mourning for something I felt you lost along the way but i didn't want to say so at the time.

Sorry to intrude.


La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- Your wife is so smart. If you aren't careful you're going to re-enroll in school.

Twit -- My best friend has a canine named Isis. Isis is half husky, half grey wolf. When being trained as a pup Isis used to alternately move her head from side to side with a look of confusion on her face. We captioned this thus and so,

(Isis looks to the right.) "I'm good.
(Isis looke to the left.) "I'm bad.
(Looks to the right.) "I'm a dog.
(Looks to the left.) "I'm a wolf."

Naturally this became a recurring descriptive theme for us. I am now sharing it with you because I find it a very simplified illustration of your personal (electronic)duality which you express so well.

Damned Geminis.

Yes, this race is about race -- but it's also about the issues and I'm working like mad to convince my pale-faced counterparts over in ILLINnoise in yer head, that the logical thing to do would be to vote for the local guy who leans toward your pet causes, instead of the war hawk assholoe octogenarian who will give us a whole lot more of the same.

Yes, my head is in the clouds when I espouse such idealistic notions. I know. But somebody has to put their weight on the left side of the canoe to keep us from tipping.

As to not answering you ... what was I supposed to say? Okay, you still hate me and refuse to talk to me??? Or you love me and come visit me under pseudonyms -- which you previously disowned. I'm just not sure what you want or expect from me.

But I am really awfully glad to hear from you.

Zoro -- You don't intrude. Thanks for the well wishes and concern. I'm actually one of the lucky Americans with halfway decent health insurance.

And really, the only thing I've lost is my ability to drive myself like a team of oxen, suffer fools and put away more whiskey than a sane human should -- so it's not really the end of the world, just a little MSsy.

I hope you're well, as well...

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