Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mi mimimimimi meme

When Was The Last Time You Had Butterflies In Your Stomach? Getting kissed at midnight on New Year’s.

What Was The First Thing You Thought When You Woke Up This Morning?
Dreaming about appointments and aqueducts and I really have to pee.

What Is The Last Thing You Think About Before You Go To Bed?
Sometimes I pray for my family or mercy, sometimes I’m generally anxious, sometimes I visualize new directions or I might send thought vibes to people I love.

Do You Wash Your Hands After Going To The Toilet?
99.9% of the time.

What Made You Laugh The Most Recently?
The kid makes me laugh nearly every day.

Can People Make You Laugh Easily?
Yes, I laugh loud, long and often.

Do You Cry Easily?
Yes. I am completely embarrassed by how often and copiously I cry during movies. I cry when I’m sad, frustrated, angry and unaccountably happy. I’m a big, fat crybaby.

How Many Times Have You Told Someone You Loved Them And Not Meant It?
Romantically, I think I’ve only said it about a half dozen times total – so, never. I say it far more frequently to family and friends and I mean it every single, bingle time. But the odds are if I’ve told you I love you, we love each other – we aren’t in love.

Can You Sink A Drink In Good Time?

When Did You Get Drunk For The First Time?
Eighth grade at Donna R’s while her parents were out of town. I think it was peppermint schnapps – buh and BUH!

Would You Ever Take Drugs?

Do You Like Someone?
I like lots of people. If the meaning was do I have a crush, the answer is “yes, usually”.

Who Did You Steal This Quiz From And Do You Like Them?
Treacle, a very long time ago. Yes, I like her very much (given that we've never met in person.)

What Are Your Plans For Today/Tonight?
Finish the last segment of this grant, sneak out early and see a matinee or stay the regular length of time finishing this effing grant and then going home, making dinner for the kid and whatnot...

What Does The Last Text In Your Mobile Say?

Do You Lie?
No, hardly ever, but that frequently bites me in the ass.

Do You Like Spicy Food?
Yes, please!!!

What Are You Listening To Just Now?

If Something's On Your Mind Would You Say You Could Just Talk About It?
I often talk about things that are on my mind and I note that other people would like me to please, just shut up. However, NO ONE can talk about exactly what is on their mind all of the time. It’s rude, unwise and probably a bit unbalanced.

Are You A Good Listener?
Yes, too good in person. Not so hot on the telephone. I’m easily distracted, then.

At A Party What Are You Guaranteed To Be Doing?
Drinking, talking, laughing and flirting.

What Are You Looking Forward To?
A tentatively threatened trip to Ireland and January 20, 2009.

What Party Trick Can You Do?
I can disappear.

If You Weren't Doing This Quiz What Would You Be Doing?
Finishing a grant – which I had better go do right now.

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