Friday, January 04, 2008

I know I haven't mentioned it in awhile, so in case you've forgotten (you wish!) George W. Bush is a bloodthirsty motherfucker and a baby-eating asshole.

He just pocket-vetoed (the chicken-shit, sneaky form of presidential veto) probably the only military expenditure he has ever refused. Congress and the Senate passed legislation that would increase the pay and benefits of Vets. Bush didn't think they really needed a raise or a dental plan, so he let the bill expire. (Greedy baby-eating, earth-raping, soulless antichrist!)

Way to support the troops there, W!!! When you look in the mirror, do you even see a reflection?

On a brighter note, Iowa had record turnouts for the presidential primary caucuses and our Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama won with a resonably significant lead.
Go, Obama, go!!!
It's hard to come to terms with the fact that I am not going to be supporting a woman, but frankly I'm pretty pissed off at Hillary's voting record regarding American military intervention and she didn't vote against the Patriot Act and -- let's be honest -- while a million brazilian times better than W, putting the Clinton's back in the White House would be just so much more business as usual.
I like Edwards, too, however I feel his message is very close to Obama's, but Edwards lacks Obama's charisma. Also, Obama is from Chicago -- it wouldn't hurt to have a local man running the show.
And finally, white men have been in charge for a couple of thousand years. I'm over it. Move along, please.


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

If they'd ever declare the line-item veto constitutional, then we'd REALLY be able to see what someone's made of. Right now, Bush can claim that the pocket veto came from all the earmarks. Allowing the line-item veto, which every President has wanted (Clinton was all over it) would allow us to get a sense of what REALLY matters to these assholes.

Obama is cool.

Pelmo said...

And here I gave you a lot of credit for being able to think. But in backing Obama I have to take it all back.

I will agree that the man is able to give rousing speeches. But beyond that he is totally lost.

After listening to him speak today, I do believe he is even begining to believe he can walk on water. All those promises he made that he will do, in his first year in office; probably is still smoking some of that wacky tobacy.

treacle said...

Although not from the US I have a penchant for Edwards myself. Also I mistook vets meaning Vetenarians (sp?) and wondered why you were so outraged (not that Vets shouldnt have equal access to healthcare etc..)

(I haven't closed down, I have moved...)

La Sirena said...

Nigel, He can claim all he wants, the truth is he doesn't give a rat's ass about the people he sends off to die so he can have oil. Hmmmm...line item veto. Must think this through.

Pelmo -- I like Obama. Deal with it. Edwards kicked butt in the debate the other night, but I'm still concerned that he isn't strong enough on foreign policy.

Treacle -- That's funny! I once had a professor from Ecuador who complained of our overuse of abbreviations in the States. He said he couldn't understand half of what we were saying because we only ever said half of it.

Where are you located now?

treacle said...

I will mail you with the address. I have good reason for not wanting to post it...thanks for asking!

NotSoClever Treacle said...

*clears throat* I can't email you cos I don't have your address (doh). Mail me if you wish at treacle76ATgmailDOTcom

yours stupidly.

changapeluda said...

Sylvia Brown said that it's going to be a democrat in the WHITE house and it's not gonna be Hillary.

why are the cool people like
Bonnie Raitt supporting Edwards?
i thought ole Bonnie would be backin' Obama!! hmmmph