Monday, November 12, 2007

Notes from the weekend

I keep dreaming that I'm performing again.


My son's dad moved thousands of miles away for the winter as if he doesn't have any responsibilities or obligations here.


Yesterday, I had a few drinks with a vet to celebrate blood and occupation and explotation, corruption, death, history, murder, oil, billionaires, economics, rape, racism, dead children, amputees, blasé, blasé, blah... I also found out that the day before was the birthday of the Marine Corps. It was founded on November 10, 1775 in a tavern -- which maybe explains how I know so many Marines.


You don't even want to know some of the scary conspiracy theories my mechanic laid on me when I brought in my car. Here's the scariest one: vocal imprints of every person who has ever talked on a cell phone will immediately pull up your photo and your file at the FBI if you place a call there.


I went to the upscale organic grocery store hungry. Big mistake! However, I do have a giant box of organic chocolate truffles and a bottle of mead. You know you so want to come over for snacks and flicks.


Pelmo said...

While at this upscale store, you didn't happen to notice if they corrupted DOTS and made them organic.

La Sirena said...


Dots cannot be corrupted nor made organically.

Never, ever, ever...

Molly said...

One big glass of mead here please!

La Sirena said...

Sure! We'll drink it while watching some appropriate "Gladiator"-type film.

changapeluda said...

Can it be Conan the Barbarian, for the laughs alone? And the cool humungous snake....
James Earl Jones!

And a truffle or too, is mead super thick? i don't believe i've ever had mead...hmmmph.

Pavel Chekov said...

I make mead at home. No, seriously, I do.

Did this mead have any fruit flavoring like lemon or orange or was it more like a pure honey sack mead?

Now I have to go to the organ store and look for mead.

La Sirena said...

Changa -- it's like a honey wine. It's very, very strong. mmmmmmm

PC -- You make mead??? Can I go over there for snacks? I would say it was more of a honey sack mead but was very light and more winey than other mead I've tried.

They had a rasberry falvor, but I wasn't down with that.