Monday, November 19, 2007

In Progress...

Once I have loved you there is no turning back.
We are cell memory, fused fibers
And silver maple roots pushing through the plumbing.

A network of neurons stretch anew
Electrifying agonists across brains and plains
Disavowing logic in favor of
A finger-smudged photograph
And the heavy smell of wet wool
And wrists entwined.

Yes, I think you may have authored me
Ordered my chapters, driven my plot
And reset my rhythm
Each, but especially all of you.

You can read your own fortune
In the width and hue, the number
Of my rings smelling green, sharp
And lightning shot through and
Chemically changed.

Once, I was a conductor, bonding
Now I deionize in the soil
Disintegrating, deactivating,
A home for fungii

And small mammals.
My roots reaching back and through...

(I'm still editing this. I wrote it while watching an episode of Frontline about an undertaker / poet and I'm really liking some parts of it and hating others. Anywho...)


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said... undertaker/poet?

That's me, by gum!! Well at least by half. I'm working on this poem, btw:

There was a young girl from Nantucket
A photo she kept in a locket

...but now I'm stuck? Any suggestions??

twit said...

The chain cannot be broken
so don't kid yourself
you're at the top.

We're worm food, one & all.


La Sirena said...

It is you -- you should watcg the episode online since you're laid up...

...she stuck in her thumb
and pulled out a gun
And the hammer she went and she cocked it.

I love limericks! That is just one reason why I'm going to hell in a handbasket.

Twit --
Foerever & ever

changapeluda said...

you had me at plumbing....


for real.

doctor chip said...

Happy Thanksgiving, La Sirena!




Anonymous said...

I see the earth as a speck among billions of specks from far away in space and then I zoom in closer and closer..until I see the 6 billion human souls...among the billions of animal and plant souls (?)...until just my soul and the handful of souls around me come into focus and I see our organisms expanding and contracting and making their....and this is where La Sirena's graphic picture melds with mine. And I wonder logically how much my being here makes a difference and out of the specks upon specks upon specks, does God really hear single voice?

Zoro said...

The pocket the locket the photo the rocket
Glistened like swill in a bucket.

Just a thought...


Parisian Cowboy said...

I've enjoyed this one :)

On my side of the Atlantic, I've changed the URL of my blog. It now is :

Hope to read from you soon,