Monday, September 17, 2007

I Love Dresses

Last night fox tv broadcast the Emmy Awards. They sucked, but as I may have mentioned before, the glam red carpet gowns really bring out the girl in me. OK, I LOVE fancy dresses and while the Emmys aren't quite as spectacular as the Oscars from a fashion perspective, there were still some impressive gowns. Here are a couple of my favorites. I love that shocking pink and drapey cleavage on Felicity Huffman (also like the hair) and Vanessa Williams green feathery glamour is unique and fun. However, I lack the mesomorphic body type of Felicity as well as Vanessa's statuesque leanness. I would look ridiculous in either of these dresses that cost more than my car.

Nope. I'm built close to the ground and for comfort like Ms. Ferrera. And she looks quite lovely and elegant as well. God bless America. (Of course, to look this good, I would have to work out 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and subsist on nothing but rice cakes and water for 2 months.) OK. There's my ridiculous girl moment for the next 3 months. But please tell me, which dress was your favorite?


twit said...

Ms. Ferrera is utterly super-cute & that style & colour work on her perfectly.

Vanessa Williams' look is almost mermaidy & quite dreamy really (especially with that rack).
Oh yes!

But I would have to pick Felicity Huffman because she does things to me that I ... er .. ooh ..
(you get the idea).

La Sirena said...


and yes.

And yes. She is very sexy. But I was talking about the dress.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

I like that whole "built for comfort" thing.

Taj Mahal does the coolest Willie Dixon/Howlin' Wolf rolling piano blues song by that name. Lyrics go:

"Some folks built like this, built like that
Don't you holler at me,
Don't you call me fat
Because I'm built for comfort...
I ain't built for speed.

Sweet papa's got everything sweet mama needs..."

Based on those lyrics and the way I'm built, well, by God, I qualify as a Barcolounger Big Boy brand recliner!

twit said...

To pick my favourite dress, I would have to see all three on the same person..
But even then, it would only be what suited that person..
A dress on its own is meaningless to me.

I suppose if I was going to wear one of those dresses myself, I would still choose Felicity's.
I like the robe-ish style & the colour would go with my complexion & my long blonde wig ¦:¬]

La Sirena said...

Nigel, Barcaloungers are built for comfort.

I see the whole built for comfort thing like thus and so: Would you rather drive an El Dorado cross-country, or a Corvette?

But that symbolism may have permeated via the song you mentioned, as I've grown up in Chicago and worked for awhile in a blues bar. I'm always experiencing these bluisms as if they were my own. Unconscious plagarism, I guess.

The color is what makes Felicity's dress for me and I think all of that Romanesque drapeyness would suit you nicely -- well, I have no basis for that, but I'm way too tempted by the absurd.

Pelmo said...

Call me old fashioned, but I go along with the "real woman have curves" theory and will take someone like Sophia Loren, or Elizabeth Taylor anyday.

Not these clothes hanger figures that pass for woman today.

JoeC said...

I'd have to go with Felicity. That that ogle-worthy picture of her displays the same flesh and blood as what starred in Transamerica is one helluva credit to that dress (and, yep, hairstyle, too.)

La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- Sophia Loren was and is gorgeous! Coincidentally, America Ferrera starred in Real Women Have Curves

Joe -- It could be a credit to the dress (and hair) AND a credit to the makeup and costume team for Transamerica.

And of course, a credit to Ms. Huffman's skills as an actor.

Jane said...

I enjoy being a girlte....

twit said...

Don't we all?

Molly said...

I down with the green feathery one.

DAVE BONES said...

The white chicken suit.

La Sirena said...

Twit -- Indeed!

Molly -- Me, too.

Dave -- It's like this and like that and like this.