Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Choose Your Own Adventure

Here is a bit of objectification and frivolity for those who enjoy men aesthetically and otherwise.

Sci-fi interlude (for hardcore geeks ...)
Space Pirate or Jedi???
(Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford)

Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant?

Classic Nerd: Spock or Kirk?

Eastside, Westside ....
Big Daddy Kane or Snoop Doggy Dog???
(This one's for my sister.)

Vin Diesel: The body, the voice, the stare, the confidence .... aiyiyi... Oh, and Pitch Black, so he's a sci-fi dreamboat, as well. Enough said.

This photo from Summer of Sam of Adrien Brody and John Leguizamo inspired this whole ridiculous post. (Oh, to be a hood upon that Camaro that I may touch those cheeks!) So.... Punk or punk???


Woodlandmama said...

1) Zappata (based on these pictures alone, I've never seen them)
2) Harrison Ford (now if Ewan McGregor was a choice . . . .)
3.)David Tennant
4.) Spock (Kirk. . .annoys . . .me)
6.)Tommy Lee

Woodlandmama said...

Oh and I didn't see the last picture, so I don't have an answer on that one.

changapeluda said...

you got some wacky taste in men,

i'm surprised Steve Buscemi wasn't a choice...
(and there's something crazily hot about him, i gotta say)