Monday, July 02, 2007


Evidently, the law does not apply to anyone working for the Bush Administration. W just commuted Scooter Libby's sentence within hours of the judge insisting that Scooter spend his appeal time in federal prison. I suspect that the federal prison Scooter should have been sent to is much more humane than Gitmo. Just another example of how this administration is nothing but a bunch of candy-asses and hippocrites.

Cheney got married so he didn't have to go fight in Vietnam. Then he worked for the Nixon administration which prolonged that war.
W joined the National Guard so he didn't have to go to Vietnam and did not report for duty for an entire year. He was never punished for this.
Now W and Cheney have made certain that other people die in war -- something they were both too chicken to do. They completely destroyed our intelligence operation in Iran and Iraq, most likely putting our military over there in greater danger. They let an underling take the fall, and now they have commuted his sentence.

And for some reason, our Democratic Congress is too chicken to impeach these war criminals, these treasonous traitors who would put our nation's safety in peril in order to line their bottomless pockets.
And every time we try to remind them of the law of the land, this so-called Executive Administration scoffs at us; they laugh at us; and they give the entire country the finger.

Impeach the motherfuckers already!
Impeach them before the crazed, greedy, sociopaths name themselves Deciders For Life! (If you don't believe this cabal is capable of doing that, think again. NO ONE has stopped them from doing anything, up to this point.)


Woodlandmama said...

Um. So let me get this straight. You want me to. . .impeach. . .or something right?

La Sirena said...

Actually, the other point that I am trying to make is that there are many grassroots efforts to impeach these heinous criminals. Every single one of those "impeach"es will take you to a separate link -- either an article on why impeachment is necessary or a site that is trying to gather signatures for impeachment. I know you were trying to be funny, but this is so far past funny. If we continue to stand by and let these sociopaths murder hundreds of thousands of people, undermine the safety and rights of our nation, spread fear as ameans of control, etc., etc., etc., we are accessories to those crimes.
I just don't have a sense of humor about this any more. Commuting Libby's sentence was the last straw. This administration -- via Scooter Libby -- GAVE OUT THE IDENTITY OF AN UNDERCOVER CIA OPERATIVE BECAUSE SHE WOULDN'T FABRICATE EVIDENCE FOR THEM and because her husband wrote an oped piece stating the truth, which was that there were no WMDs in Iraq. They lied to us, the people and went to Iraq any way. When they outed that one operative in a traitorous act of treasonous vengence they destroyed the entire intelligence operation where Plame worked. An operation that took years to create and then they brought our military over there -- blind.

(The following paragraph does not apply to Woodlandmama who is an independant thinker and all-around intelligent woman.)

And for every U.S. citizen that thinks oral sex is an impeachable offense, but treason, murder and international piracy aren't --- shame, shame, shame on you. You are guilty by default of being traitorous to our democracy. You need to spend Independence Day sitting in the corner and reading the Constitution, before it's used to clean the windows of the Oval Office.

twit said...

Ashes don't really clean windows.

JoeC said...

I'm all for impeaching Cheney and then Bush as soon as possible, and yet, the closer anybody else gets to the office of President, the more they seem to be corrupted by money and power and their new circle of confidants. The USA has become a gigantic house of cards and a new president would be a step in the right direction, and long as the Federal Reserve is profiting from war and US Debt, the bankers are really running the show and there aren't any means in place to "impeach" them...yet. It's going to be a long, slow generations-long battle to get Independence and Democracy back.

And yet, the most obvious first step in the right direction would be to impeach these bastards who are rubbing their illegal behaviors in our face and wiping their butts with our Constitution.

La Sirena said...

Twit -- True, that. Sad, but true.

Joe -- I agree that getting to the Oval Office -- indeed, any length of time spent as a career politician is absolutely corrupting. Every day I live in this country I become a stronger supporter of term limits -- sorta. I love the populist concept of doing one's civic duty by serving one or two terms and then going back to regular life. But part of me wonders if that approach has become too simplistic and naive for this intertwined, incestuous global marketplace, etc.

I also agree that impeaching Bush and Cheney will not solve our fundamental issues, however, this cabal is so rabid and off the chain that they must be stopped and firing them would at least warn their successor to mind their p's & q's.

Will impeaching Bush and Cheney (even if it happens) matter? It's hard to know for sure, but I feel like we have to at least try to do something. We have to make a good faith effort -- even if it seems to be in vain.

Infantry Dad said...

The impeachment process takes a minimum of two years to accomplish.
Do we realy want to be dealing with GW and Dick longer than need be?
In the mean time he could do a lot more damage out of spite.
Now censuring would take his power away, and with enough support could happen in a couple of months!!!
Why do bad things happen to good people and assholes like this lot live to ripe old ages?

La Sirena said...


I see your point about the entire impeachment process taking too long, however, I think introducing the articles of impeachment is necessary for the country. We need to re-establish that constitutional system of checks and balances which Bush has worked so hard to dismantle.

I also think Congress needs to lock up Harriet Miers, et. al. when they refuse to answer subpeonas.

Censure is simply not enough. Bush seems to think he is above scrutiny and law. He demonstrates this again and again by his actions, by labeling anyone who disagrees with him as a terrorist. He has defiled the public trust and the constitution. Frankly, I think he and Cheney both need to tried for treason. Ethel Rosenberg was executed for less and she did not swear to defend the constitution twice.

changapeluda said...

amen, sister.