Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today is Puerto Rican heritage day in Chicago. They have a regular parade in the Loop with floats, beauty queens, bands and whatnot. Then everybody heads to Humboldt Park for the real action.

In Humboldt Park, they have a neighborhood-wide party, complete with drinking, sex, violence, a carnival with centrifugal rides and vendors, and a whole lot of cars. Everyone gets their Puerto Rican flags and drives around the park -- as seen in the photo. When I say everyone, what I mean is A WHOLE FREAKING TON OF PEOPLE IN CARS! Everyone drives around and around and around -- drinking, shouting flag-waving. Generally, a good time is had by all.

I live a block from the park. This means I must spend the day one of two ways:

1. Find a good, safe parking spot, stay put, drink and enjoy the festivities


2. Get out of dodge early in the morning and stay gone until Sunday.

I tend to vary my pattern, but this year I'm choosing option 1. So I need to grab a cold one and head for the porch right now.
Cheers! Salud!


twit said...



La Sirena said...

Excuse us, please.


Jane said...

Is that "get out of dodge" like Dodge City, like in Kansas, like in the place about to lure our favorite pharma girl away?????

La Sirena said...

Yes, it is. The saying comes from old westerns -- specifically credited to "Gunsmoke." You can read what wordmaven said about it here.