Friday, June 08, 2007


How awful is it when all of your brain cells go on a canoe trip through the Amazon and they don't even invite you???!!!???

(It's very, very awful.)

It is so awfully terrible, and yet, I can't even describe it to you as all of my brain cells are on vacation and I can't seem to string together 3 intelligent and creative sentences.

Do you think they'll send me a postcard?


Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,
Greetings from deep in the Amazon! This is the left side of your brain; righty is off looking at birds or some other stupid hippie-crap. I thought you'd like to know we're having fun without you and are planning, at the very least, to hit New Zealand before we return. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sorry about not sending a post card, but we’re very busy. Take care.
The Left Side of Your Brain

La Sirena said...

Dear Left Side of My Brain,,

Thanks for the rapid response, now I don't have to worry so much. I'll just go about the business of data entry and housekeeping for now.

Please don't let the right side get lost out there in the jungles -- I need them for my more creative endeavors. (BTW -- Who knew my corpus callosum was so elastic?)

And please come back safe, sound and soon.

The Shell of Myself

PS -- Say hello to my youngest sister!

Anonymous said...

We have eaten your braaaaaaaaains.
Amazonian Zombies

eye see said...

sorry I missed your brain but so happy to have found the rest of you here!

(p.s. was looking for something on Margaret Atwood and your blog turned up)

La Sirena said...

Thanks Eye See -- Do I know you? Or do you just happen to live in Chicago, as well?

Hey Zombies -- I'm really P.O.d now! I need those brains.