Thursday, May 03, 2007

Isis #35

Backwards and Forwards

I'm tetrahedral. That's right, I'm a pyramid. I haven't been this way in 15 years. Last time, I gave birth and wandered the streets with a baby on my hip. I co-wrote a 3 woman show also starring me as a 3000 year old whore.

I'm tetrahedral, baby -- I am a pyramid. There are mummies in my basement and gold in my tunnels. I smell of sand and amber and there is nourishment in my gilded jars.

I spend my nights like Almighty Isis, nursing and vigilant. My brother keeps trying to cheat death, again and again. And it's morning again.


(Today is the Feast of the Black Madonna. It is also my birthday. Thanks, Ma!) [To the right is Our Lady of Charity -- La Caridad del Cobre -- patron of Cuba and the Catholic syncretization of Oshun, Yoruba (and hence, SanterĂ­a) Orisha of rivers, prosperity and love.]

(Isis was a Taurus, too. Check out her head gear and occasional cow head!)

Bob Dylan


JoeC said...


La Sirena said...

Thanks much, Joe!

Jane said...

Black Madonna has always been a fav, just as May 3rd ranks up there as a really good day in my life, over & over. Happy BIrthday, hon.

La Sirena said...

T'anks, Ma..

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