Thursday, May 17, 2007

DIY ITMFA (or the post in which I say "so")

Enough is enough!

Last month Kucinich brought the articles of impeachment against Cheney. But that was last month and the media likes to suck neocon elbow and more people voted for the American Idol than in the last election and blasé, blasé, blah... BUT, slowly and surely more and more and more Reps and committees are backing Kucinich's impeachment articles against Cheney.

So, while trying to combat the personal crises and malaise brought on by the endless arrogant bullshit dumped on us wee earthlings from on high by the Filthy Rich Greedy Bastards Social Club and Secret Church of Satan, Prince of Darkness, LTD, ESQ, FU -- I found these lovely people in Minnesota who are trying to empower the citizens to push through an impeachment.

See ... there's a book of House Rules called Jefferson's Manual which discusses something called a memorial -- which is essentially a regular citizen like you or me sending a letter requesting the impeachment of whichever federal officer and the reason you are making this request. Congress is supposed to consider every reasonable request.

So the people at Impeach for Peace have created a Do-It-Yourself Impeachment Kit.. All you have to do is print out 3 copies, mail one to Kucinich, one to your congressperson, and one to the folks at Impeach for Peace -- because they are planning to hand deliver everyone's impeachment letter in one gargantuan memorial that creates press and requires the House to act, based on their own rules.

This is me trying very hard not to make a very sarcastic and cynical remark, because this is no time for sarcasm and cynicism. This is the time for motivation and action.

(That is why the ignorant radical religious right keeps kicking our ass -- they kept the "fun" in fundamentalist and with their Crazy Militant Action G.I.Jesus as their co-pilot, did the work of Satan's Cabinet without faltering.)

So, in an effort to decrease the sarcasm, cynicism and general malaise caused by living in this time and place, I have not posted a picture of Cheney's snarl, Bush's smirk, nor even -- bless him -- Kucinich. This lovely mermaid is demonstrating how I'm planning to destroy Dick -- by printing out the memorial letters created by Impeach for Peace and getting as many signatures from the millions living in my major metropolitan area as possible. I'll even mail them.

Remember, every reform in history is led by the people --- NOT the politicians. Think of the Civil Rights Movement, Women's Suffrage, the organization of unions, and so on.

I encourage you to get up off your lazy malaise and act, dammit!

nurture, not murder! breasts, not bombs!

(mermaid snagged from ian sanderson's gallery)


Pelmo said...

After seeing what has been done by this new and improved congress for the past four and a half months, do you really believe that they will have the kahoonies to even bring it up? We will get a lot of hot air and nothing else.And status quo will prevail.

La Sirena said...

Yes, I have. That's why we, the people have to inundate them with a memorial demand for impeachment via Jefferson's rules.

Then the 3 or 4 members that are backing the impeachment can use all of the letters to bring the impeachment to the floor for a vote. At least it will get discussed. You can't just complain and not try to do anything.

JoeC said...

I agree...we have to keep bringing this up over and over and keep shoving it in their face. Think about how the neocons have shoved how bad and evil Iran is in our faces over and over from every angle for several years now. They know that's what it takes to get America behind nuking Tehran.

We've gotta work at getting that persistent. The squeaky wheel gets the grease...

La Sirena said...

Yup, we need to take a page out of the Fundamentalist book and work and persist. We also have to remember that they spent 30 years pushing their agenda -- and they're still pushing.

I takes that kind or perserverance to help shape society.

parisian cowboy said...

I'm so sad to read that less people voted in an election than for a political election.... this is really disheartening.

La Sirena said...

LPC -- Yes, it is very sad, disheartening and disturbing. But the point is not to let the jerks get us down. ;-)