Friday, April 20, 2007


What the hell kind of curse was placed on this week in April??? I think all of the American Puritanism embedded into our culture makes the young men crazy as their sap rises with the spring. Or maybe Freud was right and all of the gun play and explosives are actually deep-seated insecurities regarding the size and functioning of their penises. Check it out:
April 15
  • Tax Day in the US (traditional)
  • 1865 Abraham Lincoln dies (after being assasinated)
  • 1912 The Titanic sinks
  • 1955 Ray Kroc opens the first McDonald’s franchise

April 16

  • 1178 BCE Odysseus returns to Ithaca
  • 1945 German ship Goya is torpedoed by a Soviet submarine. More than 7,000 people die.
  • 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre, 33 die

April 17

April 18

  • 1480 Birth of Lucrezia Borgia
  • 1983 US Embassy explodes in Beirut, killing 64 people

April 19

April 20

And I didn't even try to figure out how many died in Iraq (and Afganhistan, etc., etc) on each of these days throughout the last decade -- but I suspect it's way too many.

kudos to Donovan who brought this creepy week and some of its events to my attention


Pelmo said...

Maybe it's that people are so fed up with winter, then when they get a few nice days like we had at the end of March, there hopes rise. But alas winter rears it's ugly head again, all hopes dashed and then they snap.

JoeC said...

We call it blackberry winter down here in the south...the spring reverse of autumn's Indian Summer...

I'm ready for real spring, sunshine, fresh foilage, charcoal grills, lawnmowers, joggers, early-morning birds chirping, fresh starts, new hope...

Laurie said...

Wow! Interesting.

La Sirena said...

P, J, &L:
I don't know -- it could be the weather, that's extremely plausible. It could be the astroweather -- the aggression of aries shifting into the determination of taurus. It could be that we need to impart some other lessons and nurturing onto our boys so they don't grow up to be so hostile and frustrated.

We're already for some new hope, methinks.

Anonymous said...

La Sirena,
Yeah, the weather. But your more interesting comment is on violence/penis size relationship. Rumours on the size of the VT killers wee wee?
Would be interested to know how Freud did his research...hee hee.
But, who knows, maybe there is something to it. Since at least in our recent history the war mongers seem to be past their prime...and if alcohol has anything to do with "functioning" then Bushie has two strikes against him.

Actually followed you over here to see if you were writing on single parent child rearing.

La Sirena said...

Thanks for coming by ...
Didn't Freud suck on cigars and base a whole stage of female development on NOT having a penis? I think the guy was obssessed and possibly compensating.

Actually your comments at Joe's put me in mind of a couple things -- one being the effect of parents abandoning their kids emotionally, physically, etc.

The second was when you mentioned how dads taught their sons and the importance of that. I actually think this overabundance of ADD/ ADHD diagnoses is partly related to that and I absolutely agree with you that most of our boys are lacking that kind of male-bonding, hands-on instruction. But that will be a complicated posting, so it might be a day or 2 before I write it.

Anonymous said...

La Sirena,
Yeah, even experts have their own personal filters, so it's a good idea to only use other folks as a backboard.

A good article at ""The crisis of young males in a feminized society" might be of interest to you if you decide to write on this complicated subject.

I can barely stay out of trouble in the best of luck to you.