Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Lately, I am just so thirsty:

  • for money
  • for beer
  • for sleep

  • for attention from a certain creature of the male persuasion (but I'm attempting to be cool, which is working about half of the time)

  • for peace

  • for impeachment of the entire US Executive Office
  • for a different line of work

  • for company and conversation

  • for sunshine

Basically anything I'm lucky enough to have in partiality, I seem to want a whole lot more of (ahem) -- excepting the impeachments, of course.

It's really annoying. I'm usually a pretty contented soul and I don't know what the source of all of this thirsty desire is. I seem to be having trouble shrinking my own head enough to wrap my brain around it.

I hate being a self-involved bitch.

I'm going to go get a beer and get over myself.


twit said...

I want a beer now.

I haven't had any booze since Sunday & I'm staying off it until at least Friday, y'see.

My relationship with alcohol.....


La Sirena said...

Beer = Yummy

What brilliant ideas those ancient Egyptians had!