Sunday, March 11, 2007

Green River

One of the dorkier traditions we have in this city -- which is more often than not run by a dynatsy of Irish-American mayors -- is dyeing the river green on St. Patrick's Day. Rumor has it, the tradition was started by some city workers back in the 50's.

So about a week ago, I popped into a bar with some friends. I used to work there about a hundred years ago. The Jameson Publicity Ladies were passing out contest tickets and I filled one out.

Then they called me this week to tell me I was a semi-finalist to ride a boat on St. Patrick's Day and help dye the river green. Of course, because i didn't really care. The semi-finalist prize was 2 free hours of food and drink for me and 3 friends.

So Kwame and Jeremy and I went -- and then I was paraded with 6 other semi-finalists before the bar crowd to dye the water in a fish bowl. I was a bit buzzed and was called last -- lucky number 7. Everyone else's bowl turned red. Mine turned green.

I won. How bizarre.


JoeC said...

Wow...isn't that a miracle of Biblical proportions, turning a river a different color? Congratulations!

Pelmo said...

Looking at the title, it brought back fond memories of a time gone by, for "Green River" was a name of one of my favorite sodas.

La Sirena said...

It is a miracle of biblical proportions. I'll ask the family that does it how it works.

Green River is my favorite soda, hence the title.

Laurie said...

That is so cool! I'm jealous!!! I love dorky stuff.

Liza said...

Pelmo- You can still get Green River at Stan's hot dog stand on Archer Ave. and Lock Street in Bridgeport (also really good meatball subs).
Jen-That's awesome! Way better than being at the top of the actual water tower.

La Sirena said...

L&L: Yes...I'm pretty excited, in a dorky way.

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