Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Political Cartoon Site

If you have never been to AllHatNoCattle, you should stop by. Here is one example of Lisa Casey's humor and it touches on a topic I wanted to blog about, but didn't have time. (According to the unidentified, secret tribunal that tried him at Gitmo; KSM practically claimed responsibility for every act of political violence occuring since the assasination of Franz Ferdinand.)


JoeC said...

Grab people from all countries around the world, ask them if they have chemical weapons or WMD they plan to use against the USA, tell them to answer "yes" if they don't want to drown. Holy's amazing how many countries have terrorists hell-bent on killing Americans!

La Sirena said...

It's the Inquisition all over again. Doesn't this oil clique ever get tired of re-enacting historical mistakes from the Medieval Period?

In a video from 2001, Bin Laden was translated to be complaining about Queen Isabella routing the Muslims out of Spain in 1492. Bush seems to beleive he functions under the Divine Right of Kings.

They're both filthy rich -- can't they buy a slightly more modern paradigm?

JoeC said...

Yeah, I find myself sometimes admitting that every world ruler has to be somewhat evil just to play ball to make things better for all involved, and at times I think my biggest hate for the Bush administration is just how unoriginal and uncreative they are as they go about it. I expect more creativity from my illegal dictator.

La Sirena said...

True! Huey Long was corrupt -- but unique.

Bush is every cliché of the poor, little rich frat boy. Ugh! I guess mediocrity is the foundation for success in this modern era.