Tuesday, February 13, 2007

High Anxiety

That is kinda what my office looks like -- except it and my desk are much smaller and I do have a semblance of a filing system. This is causing me to become very anxious.

1. On a practical level: Naturally... I'm drowning in paper. I have 5 x's the project load of other people in our department with the same title. I spend my days bewildered and panicked and I'm terrified I'm going to screw something up majorly and get fired.
2. On an existential level: There is no possible way that all of this documentation serves the greater good. It's wrong, it's rigid, and surely it is inhuman.
3. On an environmental level: How many trees must die in the service of obscure governmental "safety" regulations AKA beauracracy? I am certain most of these endless regulations were created by people who pull down 6 figures, don't actually do any work and cover it up by having endless meetings in which they waste time and create new rules, regulations and documentations with which to waste everyone else's time.
Can I please go live in a tipi or log cabin deep in the woods and stop playing this convulted modern society game? Pretty, pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?


Pelmo said...

1. Contact grounds keeping and get leaf blower.
2. Open window
3. Engage leaf blower and work way toward window.
4. Close window due to inclement weather.
5. Problem solved.

La Sirena said...

Good idea. I'm in good with groundskeeping.