Friday, February 16, 2007

Because I Am A Mother

Our chaotic occupation and plundering of Afghanistan and Iraq is creating an insurgency. The insurgency exists because we are occupying these nations and killing innocent civilians -- making them angry and thirsty for justice. I hate to think of anyone sick, maimed, homeless and orphaned because of the callous actions of greedy US -owned corporations, who are robbing us (US citizens) of jobs, health care, security, sanity and our military of life and limb.

How would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot? What if the following described the life of your daughter?

"The Americans killed my father. My father went to Kabul to get medicine for my brother who had pneumonia. When the Americans bombed, my father was killed. He did not return to bring medicine for my brother. So my brother who had pneumonia also died." This young girl said the following when asked if she had any message to the American public: "do American children love their fathers? I miss my father very much. Every night I cry and my mother tells not to cry because my father is in paradise, but I still miss him. I don't like the Americans."

She, her mother, and her siblings live in abject poverty.

The preceding was excerpted from, via God Is Not An Asshole. (Although, I sometimes think he is -- see the preceding quote.)


Pelmo said...

This happens because we are bombarded with clips of precision bombing where only the target is hit and in the rarest occasion, there is collateral damage. These surgical strikes sanitize the war and the reality of war completely lost.

twit said...

Screw 'God'.

What can WE do?

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"I'm not a joiner."


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La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- That is so true, however we can't allow for the excuse of ignorance. People let themselves be lulled by the soma of selective television coverage. We have to scream from the rooftops that we are being duped and people are dying because of it.

Twit -- You are correct. It is up to us. I don't know WHAT weE can do except to go on record again and again saying, NO... Stop this bloody oil occupation. We can do it on our silly blogs, in conversation, at antiwar protests, with our votes and in letters/emails/calls to our legislators. And also wish/pray/meditate on peace and the power of critical mass.

I am open to suggestions.


Pelmo said...

And you are placing your faith in those eunuchs, I apologize, the politicaly correct name for them is now democrats, to lead us out of the wildreness. All we get is talk and symbolism, refered to as bullshit by most people and nothing else.

La Sirena said...


Do you have any better ideas?

Pelmo said...

Tar, feathers, and some sturdy rails. Some strong shoulders and we march off to Washington, for a start.