Thursday, January 04, 2007

White Lies

My son gave me a hard time about my Family Values posting -- partly because I expressed some frustration in reference to our eloquent senator's use of the phrase. (Actually, I like Obama. I voted for him and I generally agree with his voting record.)

Today, I think I need to come to his defense -- and operating under the assumption that the best defense is a good offense, I would like to remind my fellow Americans of a few things.

Obama admitted in his book to trying marijuana and cocaine a few times as a very young man.

W., the man that is currently employed as president of the United States did a bunch of cocaine as a young and middle aged man. In fact, some witnesses place him snorting lines at Camp David as late as 1992. That would be while his father was president and a mere 8 years before the Supreme Court handed him the position. (Currently, there is blog gossip going around that he is on antidepressants and drinking again. BTW -- despite these sites warnings about the "danger of mixing" the isn't necessarily so. It depends on the antidepressant.)

His wife Laura sold marijuana in college.

I'm not condemning anyone for their drug experimentation. But experimentation should never be a campaign issue ever, never, ever again. And in fact, if W and Laura were allowed to live in the White House after their respective narcotic and herbal merchandising histories, than if Obama gets much more then a few questions on this topic, I'll be calling bullshit and racism.


Anonymous said...

As a feminist, you should be applauding Laura in her attempt to become an independant buisness woman.

La Sirena said...

Maybe if her husband didn't try so hard to turn back the clock on our rights, I might be more willing to commend her dimebag slinging.