Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shameless Shilling

My friends are so freakin' creative and cool.

makes exquisite boxes. Also, if you bring him some cigar boxes, etc., not only will he turn it into art, he'll probably buy you a beer or a tequila. This could make the art collector in your life a really nice Xmas gift.

Angry Skinny mixes stiff drinks and tight jams. (Yes, I deserve 50 lashes with a wet noodle for that last line.) He's a member of the Baldwin Brothers -- Chicago Junktronic music. They have a new CD out, with funky creepy unicorns on the front. You can read a review here. (That's AS pointing at everybody else.)

Angry Skinny also has another project called
Sidewalk Skolaz with G-Spot and Fish -- and I've known those guys since we were all teenagers. Which is not very long at all...


Indigobusiness said...
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Indigobusiness said...

So fine. Too cool for school.

Not many things I must have, but I must have one of these.

Verrrry nice.

I've been collecting wooden cigar boxes forever...wish I'd known.

La Sirena said...

Yeah...that's my favorite, too.

The image just didn't flow as well with the rest of the posting.

The man inside puts me in mind of some kind of park bench/ shaman/ Obatalá

Indigobusiness said...

I recognize him, but I can't place him.

It's a self-portrait of some Dutch painter, I think.

It'll come to me.

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