Monday, November 27, 2006

Irrationally Yours

"Irrationality is talking or acting without regard of rationality. Usually pejorative, the term is used to describe thinking and actions which are, or appear to be, less useful or logical than the rational alternatives. These actions tend to be regarded as emotion-driven. There is a clear tendency to view our own thoughts, words, and actions as rational and to see those who disagree as irrational....These more contemporary 'normative' conceptions of what constitutes a manifestation of irrationality prove difficult to empirically demonstrate because it is not clear by whose standards we are to judge rational or irrational behavior."

In other words, irrationality is that which is outside of the dominant paradigm.

Perhaps its scope has not yet been logged and measured.Perhaps it is instinctive or emotional. Does something that has not been previously measured or articulated automatically become invalid because it is irrational? And what's wrong with instincts and emotions?

As an adult female I have naturally gotten my hands dirty in the difficult transitions of life and death -- the passing into and out of this world. At these moments, all parties involved lock eyes and hearts with meaning and divinity, because the person transitioning (being born or dying) becomes a bridge between this world and the other. And because all of the bullshit falls away.

The arenas of birth and death require all of our faculties -- spiritual, intellectual, emotional and instinctual. And yet it is so hard to articulate the significance of this with sounding trite and saccharine -- or worse, irrational.
Irrational numbers are decimals that neither complete nor repeat -- in a way, they could be viewed as infinite.
So in math at least -- rational numbers are finite or repetitive, and irrational numbers are fractionally infinite.
I think I'll spend some time irrationally contemplating fractions of infinity.


pelmo said...

They have a solution to your problem. It's called medication.

La Sirena said...

I have a problem?