Friday, October 06, 2006

What's Your Latent Super Power?

This image was created by Greg Bridges.

You're powers are 72% Mental, 94% Emotional, and 63% Physical!
This is the power that nearly defines the super world; the power of flight. Plenty of other super powers can immitate flight, but nothing like you can. Mach 1? pfft! Your super sonic flight lets you get nearly anywhere in the world in no time at all, and your three dimensional movement makes you a tough target in a fight.

If you want someone more submissive, try a
Illusions, your observation of the battlefield will help them better use their powers in a wider area and effect.

If you want someone your equal, try any of these for partners:
Force Shields, a team able to rescue and protect a wide variety of situations and people. Telepathy, a team able to see into and get to any situation; the perfect rescue team.

If you want someone more dominant, try any of these for mentors:
Laser Eyes, their precision will help you in your fly-by actions. Teleportation, their mastery of mobility will teach you how to get just about anywhere.

Regeneration, while you might make a decent defensive team, your powers do little for each other, and their head-on nature might cause problems.

Link: The Latent Super Power Test written by Quixotico.


pelmo said...

We can see by the percentages posted, you were not one of the wiz kids in math. Even I can figure out out that one. And I don't profess to be the sharpest crayon in the box.

La Sirena said...

But you do wax colorfully!

I can tell you miss the subtle art of the report narrative now that you're retired.

You must have had mad skills weaving your ironic threads thru all of the red tape.

pelmo said...

Evelyn Wood never mentioned anything about subtle or I may have skipped that lesson.

La Sirena said...

I had to google Evelyn Wood, which pretty much proves my point about the subtlety.