Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mala (Bad)

Bad because you don’t want me
Bad because you don’t touch me
Bad because you have a mouth
Bad whenever it’s convenient for you

Bad as a lie, bad breath and constipation
Bad as censorship
As a bald rat in the garbage
Bad like misery, like a driver’s license photo
Bad like the signing of Santa Ana, like punching your grandma
Bad like trichinosis and assassination
Bad like spiders and all of their tricks
Bad like order, decency, like good conscience
Bad like having a cavity filled
Bad like a flattened nail
Bad like a Czech film
Bad like cold soup
Bad like the turn of the century

Bad by nature
Bad from head to toe
Bad, bad, bad, bad
But so beautiful, bitches!

(by Liliana Felipe, translated by La Sirena)

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