Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Who told you life was fair??? (Or give credit where credit is due...)

So I discovered this sign on an entry I did in May, titled Now I'm A P.O.W.

This whole situation is so microcosmic of the current Neoconservative approach to politics which consists of Acting-Injured-From-Atop-A-High-Horse-Whilst-Raping-Children-And-Pretending-To-Be-At-A-Christian-Revival-Yay-God! Please allow me to explain...

1. My blog entry was about inequities in wages between and among women. In other words, how married women make less money than men, how divorced mothers make less money than married women, and never-married mothers make less money than everyone else. I am a never-married mother, who knows very well from her wages that life isn't fair. I guess they wanted me to pay them for the graphic.

2. "They" are Proud to be Canadian, "Conservatives with bite." "They" are clarifying the difference between liberals and conservatives. (Merely saying the word liberal makes them choke like a chiuahua snacking in the cat box.) The article that I snagged the picture from is by a guy named Joel Johannesen who hates pantywaists and wants to play love xylophone on Ann Coulter's ribcage.
3. But the graphic I borrowed from them is just a copy of Coulter's book cover which they cropped. So they hotlinked copyrighted material and altered it, but they tagged me like Hester Prynne. What complete hypocrites! They should not rely on to pay for their graphics, and then complain because I don't pay for mine.

Of course, I am a never-married mother calling their Neocon Goddess a traitor to her sex, as well as the cheapest of greedy media crack whores...I should be sentenced to a lifetime of silent, celibate shuffling while
wearing this across my breast: L (for liberal, said with a sneer, a wrinkled nose...)


Deek Deekster said...

All the best things begin with L. Liberal. Love. Lemon. Longevity. Liberty. Legs.

Let's not get into the "C" words.

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