Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Episode 34

Today is World Press Freedom Day, National Teacher Day and the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. So thank your teachers for being able to write a letter to the editor -- which will be published. And please use condoms.

Today is also the feast day of Saints Antonia and Alexander who believed it was better to burn than marry (or whore) -- but were granted martyrdom for their pains.

And today is James Brown's 73rd birthday. Give it up, or turn it aloose!

And in related almanacing news, today I turned 34. Not really moved by that number so much. 33 is a fun number, but there seems to be something truly dreary and staid about 34. Does anyone know any fun 34 facts?


Meander said...

According to

During the week, 34% of American diners include alcohol with their meals.

What's more fun than drinking on a weekday?


Anonymous said...

34 years ago, I became a mother.